1 1 Sailing Karma

Sailing Karma

 ... Looks like you have some oral leakage there. Let me plug that for you.

2011 Big Fish Derby Results

The Pinedale Boat Club Big Fish Winter Derby is over, and we had a great turn out. 

The results are available here


Glacial Margaritas


Every year about the time that daytime temperatures begin to climb above freezing for more than an hour or two a day, The crew of Karma begins to get restless. Some call it cabin fever, we just refer to it as "isn't winter over yet"? We begin having fantasies of sitting on the boat soaking up the warm sun, and sipping on some tropical concoction. Of course, non of these delusions can be realized until Fremont lake bothers to shed its layer of ice. It is this glacial ice that dictates our sailing season, offers a gambling opportunity (Boat Club barrel guess), and presents us with as good a reason as any to throw a party. It turns out that the pirates aboard Karma aren't so fond of rum (blasphemy I know) but do tend to drink tequila by the gallon (exaggerated for clarity). This means that our annual ice off party consists not of an array of girly rum based cocktails, but rather of a single rather stout tequila treat ... The Glacial Margarita!