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Random Stuff

Fremont Lake Recreational Enhancement


The Pinedale Ranger District, Bridger-Teton National Forest released their proposal for Recreational Enhancement at Fremont Lake. This document primarily deals with the refurbishment of the Forest Service Campground on the east side of the lake, the two boat ramps, and sandy beach. The documents and maps can be viewed on the Forest Service web site http://www.fs.fed.us/r4/btnf/projects/.

This document omits any reference to Catamaran Beach, the area we have used to launch and sail our beach boats from since the 60's. So, please go to the Forest Service site, read their Fremont Lake plan, then most importantly, submit public comments on the need for the Catamaran Beach facility. I have published my thoughts on the area on google docs:  http://docs.google.com/Doc?id=dc88m3q3_38fr47hrdk. Feel free to look at my comments and let me know if anything is incorrect. But be sure to make your own comments. Let the Forest Service know that you use this facility, and let them know ways that you think it could be improved.

Comments need to be submitted (in .rtf or .doc form) to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it   no later than the end of march!


Glacial Margaritas


Every year about the time that daytime temperatures begin to climb above freezing for more than an hour or two a day, The crew of Karma begins to get restless. Some call it cabin fever, we just refer to it as "isn't winter over yet"? We begin having fantasies of sitting on the boat soaking up the warm sun, and sipping on some tropical concoction. Of course, non of these delusions can be realized until Fremont lake bothers to shed its layer of ice. It is this glacial ice that dictates our sailing season, offers a gambling opportunity (Boat Club barrel guess), and presents us with as good a reason as any to throw a party. It turns out that the pirates aboard Karma aren't so fond of rum (blasphemy I know) but do tend to drink tequila by the gallon (exaggerated for clarity). This means that our annual ice off party consists not of an array of girly rum based cocktails, but rather of a single rather stout tequila treat ... The Glacial Margarita!



Ahoy to everyone...sailors, wannabe's, and people who prefer solid ground under their feet.

I hope that everybody likes the new Sailing Karma website.  Jason does a great job with this sort of stuff and if you know him, then you know that there's all kinds of technical gizmos zooming around this site.  And now...lo and behold, he's given moi another bovine-fecal (that's B.S. in layman's terms) forum that I may spout my various (and numerous) opinions of  sailing and life in general.  Be afraid, be very afraid!  As far as sailing goes thus far in 2008.....there isn't any.  In the lovely mountains of the Wind River Range, that we call home, there is still a couple of feet of ice on Fremont Lake.  Not very conducive for nautical travel.  At this particular point in time, the only sailing we will do is in Jason's garage...or should I call it Jason's Party Lair?  In the meantime, we will have to busy ourselves by drinking copious amounts of alcohol (as per usual) and climbing at our new aquatic center.  We hope to have pics, vids, and stories posted at some point.  The main issue is that when we actually remember to bring the necessary hardware...there isn't enough people to collect said footage.  Oh well...looks like we'll have plenty of time before we can sail.  We added a new addition to our fleet.  A coworker of mine donated his boat to us so that we could spread the sailing bug to newcomers, young and old.  Don't ask me what it is cause I don't have a clue...that's Jason's area of expertise.  That's it for now...and remember, "Why's the rum always gone?"